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Submitted By ffroggy on 11/08/05
The Committee of Ideas and Creations, ffroggy, Documents 

Board Members
  • pocketMAD
  • the_gamer_
  • Moonwalker
  • pocketMAD
  • the_gamer_ 
  • ffroggy
  • Moonwalker
  • ACC-Yoshi

If you want to join, PM me. If you comment saying, "Can I join," you will be ignored. The comments to this post must be suggestions, ideas, votes, vetoes, creations, and criticism.
Update board: last update: 7:29 PM 7/24/11
  • CIC has been created.
  • "pocketMAD" has joined.
  • CIC plexpedia site has been created.
  • "the_gamer_" has joined.
  • Updated plexpedia site
  • Update initial post.
  • Created update board.
  • "ffroggy" joined.
  • "Moonwalker" joined.
  • "the_gamer_" is eligible to be a board member.
  • "ACC-Yoshi" has joined.
  • "the_gamer_" became a board member.
  • "ffroggy","Moonwalker","ACC-Yoshi" became eligible to become board members.
  • "Moonwalker" joined the board. 
Message Board:
  • The URL to the plexpedia site is: http://cic.plexpedia.com/index
  • "ffroggy","Moonwalker","ACC-Yoshi", you can be a board member if you want you.
General CIC Voting board:
Idea board:
Board member only voting board:

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